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Scientology: A History of Man
Antediluvian Technology

Scientology: A History of Man

Scientology: A History of Man
Antediluvian Technology

“A cold-blooded and factual account of your last 76 trillion years.” So begins A History of Man, announcing the revolutionary Technique 88—revealing for the first time the truth about whole track experience and the exclusive address, in auditing, to the thetan. Here is history unraveled with the first E-Meter, delineating and describing the principal incidents on the whole track to be found in any human being.

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Scientology: A History of Man contains the revolutionary Technique 88, revealing the truth about the whole track experience. Electronic implants, entities, the genetic track, between-lives incidents, how bodies evolved and why you got trapped in them—they’re all detailed here:

  • The relationship of the Genetic Entity to Theta Beings
  • The targets of address in auditing—Cellular Injuries, Genetic Entity, Injected Entities and the Theta Being
  • The history and description of incidents on the Genetic Line
  • The history and description of incidents on the Theta Line
  • Specific incidents on the Theta Line—incidents that reveal the true story of between-lives, why a being forgets he’s lived and the insidious nature of electronics in enslaving thetans
  • The capabilities of a Theta Being, including the truly epic history of conflict with MEST beings…and the future yet unfolding
  • In summary, here is the past “whole track” revealed and the broad gates of freedom opened to your future eternity
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