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Scientology 8-8008

Scientology 8-8008

Scientology 8-8008

The complete description of the behavior and potentials of a thetan , and textbook for the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness lectures. As L. Ron Hubbard said, the book’s title serves to fix in the mind of the individual a route by which he can rehabilitate himself, his abilities, his ethics and his goals—the attainment of infinity (8) by the reduction of the apparent infinity (8) of the MEST universe to zero (0) and the increase of the apparent zero (0) of one’s own universe to infinity (8). Condensed herein are more than 80,000 hours of investigation, with a summarization and amplification of every breakthrough to date—and the full significance of those discoveries form the new vantage point of Operating Thetan.

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It’s seemingly everywhere, enforcing its command on every being, awaiting with pain any disobedience to its laws and commands—enforcing a constant struggle to survive for one and all: The MEST universe. Yet…it’s not even there…it’s only an agreed-upon “reality”…it’s only an illusion.

Welcome to actuality. For if Dianetics is the owner’s manual of the human mind, then Scientology 8-8008 is the owner’s manual of you. Contained herein is the anatomy, character and unlimited potentials of a thetan:

  • An overview of all previous books and their discoveries—all of them from the new vantage of 8-8008
  • The anatomy of Space, Energy and Time—and how they have everything to do with the ability to Be, Do and Have
  • The Table of Related Experiences—charting every type of cycle-of-action in the physical universe and in experience
  • Perception—its relationship to energy and its rehabilitation through handling blackness
  • The Chart of Attitudes—every column, its relationship to a being and the route upward through postulates alone
  • The Factors—summation of the considerations and examinations of the human spirit and material universe
  • Viewpoints, Dimension Points, Anchor Points—their very fundamental role in existence itself, for without them there would be none
  • Universes—definition, description and anatomy…of all three
  • And the means to disagree with the MEST universe and break its illusion—Creative, Postulate, Rising Scale, Give and Take and Certainty Processing

Here, then, is L. Ron Hubbard’s epic journey—ransacking facsimiles on the whole track to expose the illusory “truth” of the MEST universe and the means to reduce its power to zero and increase one’s own universe…to infinity.

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