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Advanced Procedure and Axioms

Advanced Procedure and Axioms

Advanced Procedure and Axioms

The pivotal breakthrough in this book, pointing to all that would follow, was encompassed in one word: Self-determinism. And while self-determinism in its native state is positive and strong, an individual can determine to be used or worked upon by the environ and its people. As L. Ron Hubbard otherwise wrote, “Engrams are effective only when the individual himself determines that they will be effective.” The “Fifteen Acts” of Advanced Procedure are oriented to the rehabilitation of the preclear’s self-determinism.

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More About Advanced Procedure and Axioms

With new breakthroughs on the nature and anatomy of engrams comes the discovery of the being’s use of a Service Facsimile: a mechanism employed to explain away failures in life, but which then locks a person into detrimental patterns of behavior and further failure. And with that comes the technology of Advanced Procedure and the means to rehabilitate Self-Determinism.

In this book you’ll find:

  • The description and interrelationships of Thought, Emotion and Effort
  • The Fifteen Acts of Advanced Procedure
  • The Five Types of Cases—how to spot and handle them
  • The Emotional Curve—what causes it to drop or rise in one’s life and how its resolution unlocks one’s ability
  • Effort Processing—the breakthrough technology which ended the “lived only once theory,” revealing the entire past track of Man and the full chain of genetic evolution
  • Full Responsibility—in a single chapter so legendary, it marked the change from Effect to Cause and, hence, the route to true freedom
  • The Logics, a system of thinking and postulates pertaining to the organizational structure of alignment of data
  • And the Axioms, containing the codification of the mind and life itself

Here, then, is the book which reveals how each and every aberration of the mind and body has an initial postulate to be so aberrated. And within these pages, you’ll find out how to discover those long ago decisions, conclusions, evaluations and computations which made you the effect…of your own cause.

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