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6th American ACC
The Role of Duplication

6th American ACC

6th American ACC
The Role of Duplication

L. Ron Hubbard had delivered five ACCs at a scorching pace: 317 lectures in 147 days. Despite increased auditor skill, none could match his results. Seeking why, Mr. Hubbard made a crucial discovery—Duplication. “Auditors can’t duplicate. What do you mean, duplicate? That’s just, do the same as. That’s all. Can’t do it. What’s the matter with cases? They can’t duplicate.” Not only is duplication the basic action of existence, but its failure is the primary degeneration of a thetan. Thus Mr. Hubbard taught the solution in Procedure 30, comprising three processes: Problems and Solutions, Granting of Beingness and Opening Procedure by Duplication. Moreover, he also delivered an overview of theory, principles and mechanics: Definitions of Scientology, with their practical application in processing, Three Levels of Healing with ways to handle individuals in pain, how to audit easy cases (auditors meet many) and a demonstration of the Grand Tour. As training, ACC students attended the Universe Processes Congress where L. Ron Hubbard broadly released these breakthroughs. And, reaching into the community, he launched “Operation Phoenix,” with auditors ministering in homes and hospitals, resulting in miracle case histories—the lame walking, the blind seeing, and more.

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Duplication is tremendously important. Tremendously important. It just can’t be overemphasized in a case. —L. Ron Hubbard

It was now May 1954. L. Ron Hubbard had delivered the first five ACCs at a scorching pace: 317 lectures and Group Processing sessions in 147 days, back to back. Auditing results continued to climb. Yet, given the magnitude of the task that lay ahead—the clearing of a planet—he had a greater target in view. For the results he routinely could obtain on preclears, no matter their state of case, continued to surpass those achieved by other auditors. The question remained, therefore: What technology were those auditors not fully applying? Or, phrasing the question another way, what was Mr. Hubbard doing that those auditors were omitting?

That was the challenge L. Ron Hubbard faced as the 6th American Advanced Clinical Course began on May 10, 1954, once again at 616 North 3rd Street, Phoenix. And from the point he found the answer, neither auditing nor training were ever quite the same. In fact, the discovery represented something so basic that it would reverberate through all subsequent advances in the training of auditors and the development of processes.

The answer was—Duplication.

As Mr. Hubbard described it,

“Auditors can’t duplicate. What do you mean, duplicate? That’s just, do the same as. That’s all. Can’t do it.

“What’s the matter with cases? They can’t duplicate.”

For, as he stated,

“The basic action of existence is duplication.”

“Inability to duplicate on any dynamic is the primary degeneration of a thetan.”

And, most important in regard to auditing, perception depends on duplication, communication depends on duplication, and erasure occurs through duplication. Or, to give it an even more fundamental expression, no being can go free unless he is able to duplicate.

As to why duplication had proved problematic for auditors and preclears, it is no less than the discovery of an axiom as revealed in SOP 8-C:

“In the mest universe, the single crime is duplication.”

The immediate solution, released by Mr. Hubbard to a select group of auditors attending the 6th ACC, was called Procedure 30. It actually consisted of three processes: Problems and Solutions, Granting of Beingness and what was soon to become one of the most famous in all of Scientology, Opening Procedure by Duplication.

Procedure 30’s immediate and obvious benefit was in speed of auditing: per L. Ron Hubbard’s estimate, the amount of time saved was in terms of scores, if not hundreds, of hours.

Yet if this remarkable ACC is renowned for the release of Procedure 30—capable of accelerating preclear gains into the stratosphere and multiplying the numbers who could receive those gains—it also included something embracive of all Scientology. Because, now from a perspective of everything that had been accomplished since the start of the first ACC in October 1953, Mr. Hubbard delivered a comprehensive overview of the theory, principles and mechanics of Scientology fundamentals, mid-1954, including:

  • Definitions of Scientology—their practical application in processing;
  • Interpersonal Relations—how they are based upon the ARC Triangle;
  • Imagination—why there is a direct coordination between the amount of free imagination an individual has and his ability to use his mind;
  • Three Levels of Healing—ways to handle an individual in pain;
  • Capabilities of a Thetan—how to handle very easy cases, as auditors meet lots of them;
  • Affinity, Reality and Communication—ARC and the Tone Scale with respect to exteriorization, bodies and universes;
  • Energy Knocker-Offer—processes to improve perceptions for a thetan who has exteriorized;
  • Grand Tour—its purpose and application, including a full auditing demonstration on a preclear.

And if these technical advances reflected the highest levels of processing and beingness, without breaking stride and yet seemingly stretching time itself—Mr. Hubbard’s ground level programs were just as unrelenting.

First, to provide all Scientologists these latest breakthroughs, and in the midst of this ACC, he delivered the Universe Processes Congress, releasing the first Group Auditor’s Handbook and delivering these most up-to-date breakthroughs as Group Processing—even including Opening Procedure by Duplication.

Then, reaching out across the local community he launched “Operation Phoenix,” with ACC students—now Scientology Ministers—visiting local hospitals and homes to deliver the latest processing to invalids and the then rampant cases of polio victims. And all of it resulting in case histories that stand today as miracles—no less than the lame soon walking, the blind now seeing.

With all the above to fill his days and nights, L. Ron Hubbard nonetheless kept the security and the growth of Scientology at the forefront. To that end, the HAS in Phoenix became the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, now working in partnership with HASI London to forward the global dissemination of Scientology. And as soon became clear—those advances were about to dovetail in the 7th ACC which would culminate in what stands as the very foundation of Scientology today.

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